Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what I traded...

Back in November I abandoned (more like ran as fast as I could) the days of sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer.... Sometimes I admit I miss the steady paycheck, the hour long lunch breaks, and the shower every morning!

But, I think my trade is pretty sweet! One of the things we did after I quite work is cut down all our expenses, we took Max out of pre-school, which I was kind of sad about, and kind of not, I do all the same things with him at home that he did at school, and really this kid needs no socialization, He has nooooo problem being social.

What we traded was every day Max and I volunteer in Ollie's class. Max loves this, for an hour each morning he is also a kindergartner. He has his own book box and is reading.... That is right, the kid can READ and he just turned 4.

He does calender with the kids, and does the first math problem of the day. I think 5 hours a week in a classroom setting where he is challenged is a great trade for four hours a week at pre-school...
God knew what he was doing when Brian and I prayed about what to do, about work, about our family, about our decisions....and man oh man are we being taken care of.

So my days are now filled again with cooking and cleaning, and playing, and walks in the park...sometimes feeling sorry for myself, but I have done the other side, the working outside the home and trying to hold it together... I know where my place is, I know this time will fly, I know there will be plenty of work left for me in this world once my little men don't need me as much.

and I am happy being just where I am.

Monday, January 3, 2011

bloggers block... and welcome 2011

life has been busy... so busy... and for some reason my blogging ability has been all plugged up. I still read all my blogs, but when I sit down to write one for us, I blank.

Here is to 2011! a fresh start, to work off that weight that has crept on with age, to chronicle the awesomeness of the boys, to strengthen our family and our goals!

Welcome 2011!