Thursday, June 24, 2010

growin like a weed..

Ollie bean is sproutin like crazy.. .
We hit a milestone last week, he no longer needs the step stool to brush his teeth.

He was very impressed with this! He better watch out though, we have a counter in the kitchen that sticks out, and the boys whip around the corner without even thinkin about it cause it is to high for their little heads to hit. Soon that will change, I am hoping that run in won't be so bad, we shall see, I keep warning him!

raw pudding...

My awesome friend Kari turned me on to raw chocolate pudding. Yes the recipe sounds weird, but it may be my new go to dessert for the summer!
The kids ask for this all the time, kari and I talk about how we make it at naptime or after the kids head to bed so we don't have to share it.. this is good, I mean really good!

The other night we were celebrating something (maybe just the weekend) and made our raw pudding extra special. I processed two graham crackers and some raw cocoa powder with just a touch of vanilla and honey to help it stick together. than we layered it up and added gummy worms for fun factor!

We made dirt and worms... and it was fantastic.

So good, and so fun!