Thursday, December 17, 2009

oh burdy... ...

I love seeing my stuff featured...

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Friday, December 4, 2009

moving out, and moving on... ..

Hey remember this post... and this post...
Well, the a** that left last year at this time, is coming back. And guess what since we didn't want to buy him out, or sign another year lease, (we were planning on moving in June/July) He wants us out. Are you kidding me! He wants us to move out by December 31st. He e-mailed this to us on Thanksgiving. I guess he felt since he made the holiday season so sucky last year, he was going to try and out due himself, and boy has he! What a mess I got my whole little family stuck in!
The sad thing is he is being an ass. The saddest thing for us, is we aren't surprised... Looking back now I wish I would have been more convincing on getting my mom to move out of this house in the first place. But I wasn't convincing enough.
My little Milwaukie house is now the home to a cute little old lady. I asked my old landlord if he could just kick her out, obviously he couldn't... haa haaa
So we started the scramble to find a house! The good thing is we are working with a mortgage lender to start getting our credit in order to buy next year... but in the meantime it is still renting for us!
I found a couple houses... one was way out in SE in Suburbia... convenient for commuting, very safe for walking to the park... but waaaaayyy out and super suburban and lacking allot of character... I am not a huge fan of suburbia.
The Second, was a really nice house in the Kenton neighborhood, It was the cheapest of the three. Super cute outside house built in like 1912... but inside, the owner had gutted it and made it all super modern... like glass and chrome coffee table modern, I felt like he kind of ruined the house.
The Third and Winner of the Raetz house lottery, was the cute little 1950's house pictured above. It is only 800 sq ft, so little may be an understatement, but every square inch of that house is usable and open... I think we are really going to love it. The huge draw of this house is it is in the St. John Neighborhood, right down the street from the St. John Community center. Great Park, Great classes, and a great Pre-school. Also we have restaurants, coffee shops, a theatre pub and tons of fun little places right down the street from us. I will barely have to use my car... and I am sooooo stoked on that, after being stuck in the Couv where you have to drive EVERYWHERE it will be nice to be able to just walk to where ever we need to go.
The Bonus, a huge, clean partly finished detached Garage, that is going to be an awesome work space for BurdyFlyAway.... I just have to do some insulating, otherwise I may freeze out there.

my personal sweat shop....

We are busy over here... getting christmas shop orders out, and working on crafty wonderland stock... yay.... glad I can con my mom and sister into being my little sweatshop workers...