Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today I am having a ridiculous problem with being content. Today I want a different life, one filled with vacations... travelling to exotic, relaxing places, one working at a job that does not include serving two pint sized demanding monsters, one not being me.

Do you have those days?

The days you just want to be or do something else. Today my kids bugged me, my husband bugged me... My house bugged me... the cupboard that becomes a catchall for random and all pieces of tupperware or plastic especially bugged me (how do the lids always seem to disappear... it is so freakin annoying!) So I cleared the whole cupboard out, but have no plan on how to put it back so that it makes more sense, so here I sit at 9pm with a pile of crap on my kitchen floor... blah.


Last week, I hauled the boys out to Damascus to go Strawberry picking with the Manlupig fam. It was hot but fun, and I spent the next day easing my back (strawberry picking is not for the faint of heart) and making freezer jam. I like strawberry freezer jam way better than the cooked variety, it is like summer in a little frozen container, which we need here since summer has already come and gone. blah.

Today I was tired of waiting for the weather to get better, so I loaded up the boys and we headed out to Sauvie Island to get our raspberries and blueberries... It rained on us. It was okay though, the vines were full and we made a great haul with minimal effort. I am much more of a raspberry or blueberry picker... everything is at eye level pretty much.

First batch of raspberry jam is done... I really need to invest in some canning equipment.. but my old pots seem to work just fine for now...

if Ollie only chose to wear a black and white striped shirt for the rest of his life... i would totally be okay with that... haaa