Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feeling it... Procrastination

This upcoming Saturday is CraftyWonderland...
This is I think the 5th or 6th one I have done, and you would think my work system would be better by now.. But No, I know about the shows months in advance, but don't seem to kick it into high gear until the week of the show... and now I am annoyed.

On Sunday I was supposed to work all day, instead I hiked in forest park with my kids. I mean the weather was gorgeous, you really think I should sit inside all day at the sewing machine... pshaw!
(the photo above was one of the shots from our hike, we live in such a beautiful place!)

Now I am stressed, and kicking myself for going to the movies Saturday night, and hiking Sunday.... and you know blogging about it now. When I should be sewing, cutting, screenprinting... something.

I also decided now was a great time to take business classes, oh yea, right before the busy spring season, I am Awesome.

Business classes are making my head spin... But I am learning a ton, and just got offered a 3 year Mentorship. Which essentially means, they like me, think my business is pretty neat, and want to help me grow... so that is Awesome! I guess that means I should go and do something... business-y.

Happy Tuesday Online world!