Wednesday, April 23, 2008

pics for nana....

Okay so I got a new camera... ohhhh like a month or two ago... and still have not read the book or loaded the software to my computer. Every time I think about taking the pics off the camera it seems like to much work... but I did it. So here is a sampling of what we have been up to..
We had one day of sun... our weather is sucking... when oh when will spring get here?

On that one day of sun, it was 80 degrees... I was wearing a skirt that max kept hiding under, he thought he was pretty funny, he finally pulled the skirt off of me and than proceeded to wear it around the house for about an hour... he is a funny little guy.

We were hanging out at my mom's and ollie found a pair of her earrings, galinda (grandma linda) put them on ollie, I take no credit for these humiliating photos... but I will laugh.

Burdyflyaway is doing great, I have more orders than I can keep up with, which is a good thing. I am also searching for ways to cut down my time... so hopefully by next year I will have outsourced some of the work, which will be good.... There is only so much coffee can do for me at this point.

Another big (in the eyes of this house) development, Max is officially weaned. I am kind of sad about it, and went through kind of a postpartum depression period when the hormones started going crazy in my body. But it only lasted a couple days, once I realized why I was feeling crappy, it helped to get me out of it. Hooray for the internet! I still feel like I am PMS-ing though... poor B.

Ollie is great at the alphabet, he continually amazes me. We are working on reading alittle, I don't quite know how to do this, but he recognizes all the letters so we are starting to read the letters and sound out words. I think I will pick up some books about teaching kids to read. He just gets it, it is pretty amazing to me.

Max is a chatter box and mimics everything ollie says, and does. Which makes for some hard days but we are working with it. He has a funny little personality, I think he is going to be our jokester, his favorite word right now is "silly."

Monday, April 14, 2008

baby on the way...

I made the long haul from portland to susanville california last night.. to will the little bradford bugger out of mels body..

I will post some pics.. here baby belly is perfect, looks like she has a beach ball attached to her middle. B took a couple days off and helped me arrange it so I could take off with no babies.. yeah.. we are getting the house ready, making and freezing food and hoping she goes into labor... she is dilated to a 3 and lost the mucus plug, we could have a couple of days still, but I am hoping not! I would love to be here for the birth.. but we will see, it is nice to be spending time with mel either way.

Just a side note, on the way out of town I stopped to pick up some presents for the little bugger, there are only so many burdy onesies a boy can have. Anyway I bought this absolutely adorable stripped kimono style sleeper.... mel opened it when I got here, and no joke had already bought the same sleeper and packed it for the going home outfit... this is why we are best friends... great minds think alike!