Tuesday, July 27, 2010

..weekend.. .

spent the weekend at my new favorite campground.

we grew up camping at big lake, still love that place, but... a campground with no dirt and hardly any mosquitoes... you have stolen my heart!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

want this... .

Have you seen this book?

I can't even get over the amazing illustrations in this book! I know what all my nieces are getting for Christmas! and you know Ollie and Max will totally appreciate this book too, it is mostly for me though!

day dreaming list... .

Our camera broke...
about a month ago.

So I have no new pics for you, but I do have a pic of the kids sailing origami boats... I am slightly origami obsessed... just slightly.. .
But Last night we got a new one, so just wait! I might go photo crazy!

Today I wrote a list of projects I want to get done by the end of summer... want to see?

  • finish 6 small paintings
  • get a stock of 20 (or more) dresses (i have a big show coming up in August)
  • make prayer flags for the boys room (screeprinted with their name)
  • make prayer flags for the backyard, intertwined with lights
  • paint the burdy fence
  • scoop up a bunch of the lame bark the previous owner used in the flower beds (hate that stuff!)
  • finally get the fabric dyed and appliqued for the couch pillows (I am really excited about this)
  • get the screenprinting equipment up and running
  • draw or create something everyday
  • enter a fabric design in the spoonflower contest
  • paint a portrait of each of the boys
  • get an artist group together to collaborate on a mural backdrop for the red sea sanctuary.

And I plan on getting this all done when?