Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Master Chef

I love cooking with the boys. I have always had them in the kitchen with me, even as babies, strapped in a front pack, these boys have cooking in the blood. Which has made my boys awesome eaters, they will (almost) always eat anything I put in front of them.

Last night we had some fresh caught Kokanee gifted to us from Grandpa lee, (he stocked our freezer up, making room for 45 pounds of salmon caught). We stuffed them with Rosemary (from the garden) and lemon, than topped them with olive oil, lemon, leeks (from the garden) and potatoes. Wrapped them up tight in foil on cooked them up. Seriously soooo good. I am huge fan of rosemary, and mix that with the butteryness of the kokanee, and lemon... you should totally make this!

We made...

Today I helped out in Max's preschool class, I hate preschool. That is all I have to say about that. The teacher did have the kids do some leaf rubbings in class, which Max and I brought the idea home and made way cooler.
Love them.