Thursday, May 26, 2011

.. .grey..

Grey about sums it up...
My mood.
The weather.
This month has been non-stop chaos. I had three shows in three weeks, and in between a week in California, visiting the happiest place on earth, and most importantly Nana Barb.
This week, back to the cold of Oregon... the grey, I am finding my mood and motivation matching the color of the sky.
I keep forgetting to take my vitamins. I keep forgetting to drink my lemon water. I keep feeling overwhelmed by all the crap I get myself roped into. Overwhelmed by the unpacked suitcases spilling all over onto my bedroom floor. The unpacked show crap disorganized in the garage. And the looming bakesale that I am some how heading up.
My poor Max is bored out of his mind. He keeps asking for kids to come over and play with. Than when we do get some kids over here, fights with them, and tells them he needs quiet time from them. I am looking forward to school being out, but not looking forward to it either... cause that means I am going to have to entertain two monkeys. Hopefully I will be feeling better about life by that time. I think a change in the weather for the better would help, I must say the California sun felt great.
Okay done with my Whining.