Thursday, January 10, 2008

almost 3

On February 1st Ollie will turn 3.

I cannot believe he is already 3. In the last month he has gone from my toddler to my little boy that can hold a conversation and has an opinion. We are working on potty training, I can't believe how long and lanky he looks sitting on the big potty. He loves other kids, and gets so excited to go play.

We started going to our local library reading time, and he gets up and walks right to the foot of the librarian and sits and waits for the story to be read. The only problem we have is he thinks that the librarian is just there for him, and that it is his personal story time. We are working on the personal bubble, so far ollie does not quite understand this, he unfortunately is a close talker, a very close talker.

This morning we did our normal outing to the grocery store, I have hesitated checking him into the play area, just because I actually like grocery shopping with him (most of the time). He is my helper, he helps pick out produce, walks along beside me and keeps the daunting task of grocery shopping kind of fun. But I realized that my reasons for keeping him out of the play area were kind of selfish. So I checked him in today, handed him over to a cute little old woman named Harriot, and me and max went on our way. I was a little sad, but ollie didn't even give me a second look. What a difference from checking him into the nursery at church a couple months ago.... I never have made it through a full service...(we haven't been to church in awhile...oops) I purposely went through a check out that I could see into the play area, and watch him without him knowing I was there... he had a little friend, a little blonde named Bruce, it looked like they were making food in the little kitchen, than they moved onto the trains, and than ran around the room like galloping horses... my heart broke alittle. Pretty soon he is going to be all grown-up.... It makes me realize that staying home is the best decision we made as a family, even though there are some days I hate it, my kids are growing so fast and pretty soon I will not be the coolest thing in there life.


Texas Becki said...

that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I cant believe Ollie is almost 3, gosh time flies. I am so proud of you and the great Mom and big sis you are.