Tuesday, November 24, 2009

mmm breakfast. .. egg bacon muffin thingys..

The other morning me and the boys were trying to think of something different to make for breakfast. Usually we are pretty laid back over the first meal of the day... oatmeal or cold cereal seems to be the extent of my morning cooking.

I had bacon left over from Potatoe Soup the night before and decided to get fancy.

I remember my mom making something like these when we were kids... I believe she called it sizzlean surprise or something like that, using sizzlean, which I think was like turkey bacon, maybe?

It was super fun to make, the kids like anything they get to help with. I think we are going to make them christmas morning for breakfast... they are super yummy.

Here is how we made them.

What you need:

Bacon (you could use turkey bacon, or veggie bacon)


whole wheat bread for toast


Par-cook the bacon and set aside on paper towels to get the excess fat off. Toast bread and let the kids cut out circles to fit in muffin tins with a cup or cookie cutter. line the muffin tins with bacon and push the toast circles into the bottom. have the kids put a couple of pieces of spinach in each muffin on top of the toast. Have the kids help crack the eggs into each muffin tin on top of the spinach. I have the boys crack the egg into a bowl one egg at a time, that way they can still help and you can keep your egg muffin bacon things shell-less. sprinkle each egg with a little bit of salt and some pepper. Cook in the oven at 325 till the eggs are cooked to your liking. I hate runny yokes so mine get pretty cooked. You can also scramble the egg and than pour it on the toast too, if you don't like the yolk looking at you.

They are so good, and really cute too!


Tiffany said...

These look great! We'll have to try. Yumm, Yumm

The Manlupig Mob said...

yummm... love it! you are always soo smart! :) sometimes we make egg in a nest that is yummy if you like to dip your egg in the yoke...

For thanksgiving morning i'm making a quiche..yum... can't wait! :)