Friday, March 19, 2010

friends.... just friends.. .

When Ollie started pre-k we would ask about his friends at school, he talked allot about Madison. One day picking the kids up, I made a comment to Madison's mom that we had big fans of Madison at our house. She laughed and said, "Oh, we have a big fan of Oliver at our house. The other night at dinner she told us she liked Oliver, and that she might start dating him." (Madison has tween aged sisters)
So on the way to the zoo Ollie and Madison had to hold hands, and they had to sit next to each other. When we got to the zoo we met up with Madison's best friend, a little girl named Devon. Ollie was heart broken, Madison ran over and was talking to her friend who is in the afternoon class. Ollie sat down on the curb and hung his head. How could his best friend have another friend and still be friends with him. We talked, we moved on, and eventually Maddy made her way back to us and introduced Ollie and Devon. For the rest of the day, three little friends all held hands.

Now, you know, that pre-k little friendships are just that. Completely innocent. I was so irritated with the other moms. Making comments about "ooohhh you better watch them" and asking Madison "is he your boyfriend?" I thought it was so rude. Just let them be kids, let them enjoy whatever friendships they chose to make, let them be innocent.



The Manlupig Mob said...

soo cute!! :) you are one of a kind you know! I appreciate your down to earth perspective!!

Their Giant said...

Ugh! I hate it when moms say stuff like that...dumb. dumb dumb. Let them be kids!
PS. if Ollie did marry Claire, we'd be a rad mother in laws :)