Tuesday, July 20, 2010

day dreaming list... .

Our camera broke...
about a month ago.

So I have no new pics for you, but I do have a pic of the kids sailing origami boats... I am slightly origami obsessed... just slightly.. .
But Last night we got a new one, so just wait! I might go photo crazy!

Today I wrote a list of projects I want to get done by the end of summer... want to see?

  • finish 6 small paintings
  • get a stock of 20 (or more) dresses (i have a big show coming up in August)
  • make prayer flags for the boys room (screeprinted with their name)
  • make prayer flags for the backyard, intertwined with lights
  • paint the burdy fence
  • scoop up a bunch of the lame bark the previous owner used in the flower beds (hate that stuff!)
  • finally get the fabric dyed and appliqued for the couch pillows (I am really excited about this)
  • get the screenprinting equipment up and running
  • draw or create something everyday
  • enter a fabric design in the spoonflower contest
  • paint a portrait of each of the boys
  • get an artist group together to collaborate on a mural backdrop for the red sea sanctuary.

And I plan on getting this all done when?


WhenSheWasGood said...

Very ambitious! Your list rivals mine. Seems like every time something actually gets marked off, three more have magically appeared in it's place...

Condolences on the camera. I know how tough it is to blog without one!

Their Giant said...

i'm impressed that you published your list...I only blog it after I've done stuff :)

PS> Please add visit the kitchen w/ nate and kari to your list!