Monday, August 9, 2010

Max.. .



stands for Childrens Healing Art Project, a super cool Non-profit kids art therapy program. They have an Art Studio downtown that kids can come in and make a huge mess, all to raise funds for their work in Hospitals.

What a cool place, seriously my dream to have a room like this in my own house!

Friday, August 6, 2010

.. .personality... .

Is it weird that Ollie loves Yoga?
He gets his blanket out and spreads it in front of the t.v. and will do his entire Yoga kids DVD. All the poses, All the breathing... I think it is awesome!
but Max doesn't really want any part of Ollie's yoga-ing?
He spreads out his blanket and than just bugs Ollie, by acting silly...
Ollie is very serious about his practice.

freckle twins and lucky toes.. .

did you know, Ollie and I have freckles on the inside of our left pinkies, in the same spot.
We have declared each other freckle twins, and even have a special pinky handshake.

Really, how weird is that to have freckles in the exact same, odd spot.

You know what else is special about Ollie, he has crossed toes. The toe next to his big toe, and the one next to that, cross over each other, have since he was a baby. The doctor said as long as it is not bothersome to him, he is fine. I told him it just means he is lucky... and he is one lucky boy.. and I am a lucky mama to have such an awesome little Oliver.