Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Recently I started small business classes, talk about overloading my already full brain! All the parts I hate about business in a class.... Awesome.

Recently both boys started little league on separate teams, ugh... we are busy in this house, almost 4 nights a week we have practice or games, and 2 games on Saturday. What was I thinking?

Recently Oliver has been having problems with frustration, okay maybe not so recently but.... it is just now, as our life has been getting busier, really starting to show. I am reading a lot of information about teaching our kids appropriate ways to deal with frustration and anger. It is not my favorite part of parenting. What I realized, is I try the hardest I can, to keep everyone not frustrated, and have done this since the boys were little. Soooo now, since I can't follow Oliver around the entire day and keep everyone from frustrating him, I have kind of robbed him of a necessary survival skill. Learning this life skill has been a little painful for us, but we are doing the work, no matter how painful it is. Here is a good article on the subject!

No matter how chaotic, stressful, or overloaded I am. I am still one thing, and the best at it for my boys.


Yesterday my heart overfilled with love, as I got home from class, at the exact same time Brian was walking Oliver and Max home from picking Ollie up. Oliver saw me get out of the car and from about a block away yelled "MOM" and started running down the block with his arms open. Almost nothing in this world makes you feel more loved, more accepted, more full, than the unconditional love your child freely gives you.

This morning was late start at school, normally Max is in school and Oliver and I get a little one on one time. Our favorite thing to do is drop Max off at pre-school and than go to breakfast at the little cafe down the block. Today Max was sick, so no breakfast out for us. Oliver had a hard time getting ready this morning (getting us all frustrated). He wanted to ride bikes to school, but Max has this crazy cough, that seriously the only time he is not coughing is when he is sitting up right on the couch. Laying down coughing crazy... walking around the house, coughing like crazy, exerting any energy the kid is coughing the whole time. Needless to say no bike riding to school (frustrating for our first grader for sure). In the car Oliver on accident (purpose) threw a pencil at my head. Awesome. He got in trouble, not a good way to start your day. As I dropped him off at school, he was mad at me, he didn't want to look at me, he didn't want to throw his morning problems back in the car... he just wanted to get away from me. As a mom, as Oliver's mom, I knew this was not a good way for him to start his school day.

I watched him run across the street, and slowly walk to the school door. Once he got to the door, he turned around and waved to me, I waved back. He than blew me a kiss, I caught it. Put it in my heart. I blew him a kiss, he caught it and put it in his pocket. Our secret Love language. Again, Almost nothing in this world makes you feel more loved, more accepted, more full, than the unconditional love your child freely gives.


Tiffany Campiotti said...

The joys and heartache of parenting. It's one of the hardest but most rewarding things we will ever do with our life. No matter how hard we try to be "perfect", we will, never the less, screw our kids up in some way lol. You just do the best you can...

The Manlupig Family said...

You are the best mom ever! I look to you for inspiration!