Monday, April 14, 2008

baby on the way...

I made the long haul from portland to susanville california last night.. to will the little bradford bugger out of mels body..

I will post some pics.. here baby belly is perfect, looks like she has a beach ball attached to her middle. B took a couple days off and helped me arrange it so I could take off with no babies.. yeah.. we are getting the house ready, making and freezing food and hoping she goes into labor... she is dilated to a 3 and lost the mucus plug, we could have a couple of days still, but I am hoping not! I would love to be here for the birth.. but we will see, it is nice to be spending time with mel either way.

Just a side note, on the way out of town I stopped to pick up some presents for the little bugger, there are only so many burdy onesies a boy can have. Anyway I bought this absolutely adorable stripped kimono style sleeper.... mel opened it when I got here, and no joke had already bought the same sleeper and packed it for the going home outfit... this is why we are best friends... great minds think alike!


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