Monday, December 15, 2008

snowy days...

Well, the weather gods were not listening to little old me, and dumped snow and ice on the metro area, totally ignoring my request.... how rude.

But despite the snow we made it to the crafty wonderland yesterday, just by the skin of our teeth. I almost had B turn around about 3 times and just head home. I am glad we stuck it out and got there. There was actually a great stream of shoppers and we made our money goal for the day so it was good. I sold out of most of my women's stuff, and was so glad I went ahead and added in long sleeve shirts with the dresses. There was allot of baby stuff, but we still did really well.

Today I am so glad to just be home, and not have to go anywhere, even though I am on my last diaper for max, I guess we have to use up the last of the g's. Maybe we could just potty train today.. oh wouldn't that be awesome, but not going to happen.

I do need to go to the post office, and may just bundle up the boys and walk down there, don't know if I would rather walk on icey sidewalks or drive on icey streets... hmmmm.

The boys LOVE the snow, which is so awesome. Last year I don't think we really got any. The year before that I had a 2 month old baby and a 2 year old, so ollie didn't really get to spend that much time actually playing in the snow. This year they both have had so much fun. I see many trips to the mountains in our future. Maybe we will have enthusiastic snowboarders in our future... that won't be so bad, fun for mom, dad, and the boys...
**again blogger just uploading my pics anyway they want to... what the heck?


Tiffany said...

I kinda forgot what snow looked like:) How fun for the boys! Glad the crafty wonderland went well despite the weather.