Monday, December 1, 2008

weekend exploring...

I have been obsessed with hum bow (steamed chinese BBQ pork buns, yummmm) lately. Usually we make the trek out to Uwajimaya in beaverton, but a couple weekends ago we decided to stay on the eastside and check out one of the biggest Asian markets off of 82nd. I have been in my share of grocery stores, Seattle and San Francisco both had great Chinatowns, with huge markets. And Mexico, of course, is a whole different shopping experience. Nothing better than bumming around a shop where you can't read most of the packaging.

**(blogger will not import the photo below of ollie correctly, in my viewer it is the right way, in photoshop it is the right way, but every time I upload the pic it uploads this way... stupid blogger).
I never realized how upscale Uwajimaya was until we visited this store. It is like comparing whole foods and winco. I ended up only buying a few things at the mega-asian mart. I hate winco, and I guess I don't enjoy the mega-asian mart either. We had planned to pick up some steamed buns and long noodles for a kung fu panda night. We ended up at trader joes, with potstickers and pad thai... not exactly the same, but close, and my boys dig pot stickers.

I guess my hum bow cravings will have to be filled out at Uwajimaya after all.