Sunday, March 15, 2009

the paint...

and a little funny story, funny now, but not last night....

last night we were at moms clearing out all the crap (don't get me started on this) and painting and cleaning, getting the house ready to have 4 additional inhabitants.

I went to the paint store and picked out colors to paint me and b's bedroom. Got home and started painting with mom and jo. Decided I hated the colors I picked out (we already painted the living room twice, because the first color I picked out was awful). The room is small, I think only like 10' x10'. I thought it would look good to paint three walls neutral and one wall a bright orangey red color. Wow that sucked.

It was so ugly I couldn't even look at it. Also it has this huge ceiling fan that is brown and gold and huge (getting replaced hopefully today) so how can you take a room seriously. The neutral I chose kind of looked like grey poupon color... especially next to what was supposed to be orangey but looked more like ketchup. It was horrible. So after the stupid red color dried I painted two coats of the neutral over it and decided that the neutral was okay. Once I get artwork up and furniture in, you won't really see that much of it anyway... the room was way to small for two colors.

B came over after work and we were downstairs chillin. I had shut my bedroom door, and the boys were playing upstairs in what will be there room, right next to my bedroom. After a little bit I thought maybe I should check on the boys. They were playing so quiet and nice. I walked up the stairs to see little max,

with a red roller in hand, red paint on his toes. and my kind of ugly neutral walls with red roller marks all at max's height. He had opened the red paint, dumped some on newspaper and the floor, had walked in it and made little max toe prints all over the carpet. He froze dropped the roller and ran into the closet crying and shutting the door. OH he knew what he was doing was sooooo wrong. I could barely get a word out. Mom and B were right behind me, I started trying to get as much of the paint off the carpet and was not even able to look at max. My mom swooped him up and took him to the bath. My mom took over on disciplining while me and B tried to get as much of the paint up as possible. Luckily it came up pretty well, I mean as well as red paint on an off white carpet can come up.

Max got a stern talking and bathing from grandma, got put in his jammies and had to sit on the couch till it was time to go. Seriously I may have beat his little butt, but I think getting the wrath of galinda on you was just what he needed. He knew what he did was bad, he tried to tell us it was an accident... silly boy.

I can't place all the blame on him. I should have had all that crap out of reach. I should have done more than merely shut the door on my disaster paint project. But he knew he was not supposed to touch the paint. He knew what he did was wrong, you could see it all over his guilty, little, painted face.


Tiffany said...

OMG! I can just imagine how upsetting that would have been. It will be a funny story for years to come....eventually :P