Sunday, March 15, 2009

my house...

I Love our little house. All 916 sq ft. of it. After being here for 3 years we have really learned to use every last bit of it's 1920's frame.

That is why the last week has been so difficult. Really the last 3 months. I had to make a terrible decision, a decision if I am being honest, I didn't ever want to be put in the position to make.

Remember this post. Well my mom came to us with a plan, we don't own our house, and she does not fully own her house. So the plan was for us all to move into her house, and all of us will be saving money to maybe, or hopefully, buy Micheal out. The thing that sucks is mom is in Vancouver. I kind of hate suburbia. I kind of love where we are now. I kind of love my large backyard and the great garden area I put in. I kind of love my tile patio. I kind of love my little sunroom, that is too little to really be that useful. I love that my house is surrounded by 100 yr old Camilla trees, and the huge bleeding heart fuchsia. I love the 10 minute drive to downtown portland. I love that I have 3 parks within 3 minutes. I love living next to a funeral home, very quiet, private neighbors. I love my farmers market down the street on sunday mornings. I love my landlord, who mows our lawn every other week, who helped me put in the patio, and when I called him with the sad news we were leaving, asked "is there anything I can do to make you stay."

I know I will find things to love about my mom's neighborhood. I know I will find parks that we love. I know that kennedy school is still only 15 minutes away. I know we will be saving money. I know I will really enjoy the huge garden in the backyard even if it is not nearly as pretty as mine. I know my boys will love the greenhouse, and the long row of raspberry bushes. I know I will grow to accept the fact that my mom painted her kitchen peach (and secretly hope she too will see how god awful it is).

My mom has pretty much given us free range on the home decorating, (except her god awful peach kitchen). She and I both have had to give up a lot of our self to make this kind of work so far. I am bummed, and scared, and sad, but in that I am hopeful. I remind myself daily, I do not own this house, this is working towards a goal, this is the best thing in the long run. Now if I could just get that head knowledge to my heart I will be all good.


Tiffany said...

Good Luck! Moving is never easy, but throw in other stressers and things can get hairy. Hope everything works out well for you guys!