Friday, April 10, 2009

Mirah.. and wine...

Last week, B told me he had saturday night plans for us, even set Jo up to babysit before saying anything to me. um, i love that man.

We went to dinner at Gino's in Sellwood, drank wine (a little too much), and ate really good food. Than headed over to the Aladdin theatre to see Mirah play... kind of embarrassing but funny, i stumbled upon mirah after watching last summers season of "so you think you can dance" and her music was used for one of my favorite performances..

yes I am kind of a dork... turns out Mirah lives in portland and her music is awesome... hmmm. I guess something good does come out of watching weird, kind of trashy, reality competition shows.

anyway, B thought he was sooo funny getting me tickets, opening was a band he wanted to see, Norfolk and Western, so it worked out.
I love that the boys are getting older and easier to pawn off on people.