Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bowl obsessed

last week I headed to our old little farmers market. I fell in love with this gorgeous beautifully hand crafted bowl. Jo was with me and tried to drag me away "the last thing you and mom need is another bowl." little did she know that is exactly what I needed. The bowl came home with me. I ran into some friends at the market and was describing my sweet find, I used the word organic to describe it, later Jo described it as more archaic, like a cave man made it, or more like a 7th grade art project. The bowl is beautiful, and lovely to touch and feel, it makes me feel calm just looking at it.

I love bowls..

I love eating pasta, huge salads, soups, noodles, and taco stuff all out of beautiful big bowls. I am drawn to them, I would only have bowls in my cupboard if I could get away with it. I love dishes too, but bowls hold a special place in my heart.

When I first stopped working, I was planning on setting up a pottery studio in my garage. I love working with pottery, but pottery is expensive to sell and you really don't turn a profit. So it went on the back burner as more of a hobby. But my original idea was to start a company named Odaddio bowls, and do nothing but bowls. It never really started, but is still on the back burner, maybe when I actually have disposable income I can pick it up again.
The last picture is one of my favorite bowls, it came from my dad's house. He left it at a Thanksgiving celebration one year after my parents had divorced. My Mom held onto it, I thought it was sweet that my Mom felt an emotional attachment to it. She got a new full set of matching nesting bowls for her birthday and I had to persuade her to part with this one so it could come and live at my house. Funny, my dad probably picked it up at a junk store and never planned on it becoming a little bit of a remembrance of him.