Friday, October 23, 2009

the last harvest...

The other morning the boys were getting pretty restless. Our weather has turned fall like, cold, and dribbly, which has meant I have lost complete interest in my garden... it had become the land of lonely veggies.

I was trying to get work stuff done, so in their jammies I bundled the boys up and sent them into the garden on a mission to collect all the sad looking green tomatoes. What started as a tomato hunt ended up being a last of the veggies hunt.
They actually made quite a hall.
So we took all those yummy end of the harvest veggies and made lunch.
The boys were super impressed with these teeny tiny green peppers, they actually were really good. Next year I might plant more pepper plants and harvest them young.
The boys helped cut the swiss chard with their school scissors.
and with all those teeny tiny veggies, we made end of the harvest yellow curry rice noodles. So yummy!