Thursday, October 15, 2009

wow, october already...

where has the month gone?

All the sudden I am diggin out sweatshirts, long pants, and rain boots. Nothing fits Max. Was'nt it just last week we were still having warm weather..... running around in flip flops and shorts.

I thought I was excited for fall...

But maybe not so much anymore.

I still miss our old house terribly, this house and neighborhood does not feel like home.

Our old house had a ton of trees.... old trees... great big 100 year old trees.... Fall is one of my favorite seasons, I loved watching all the trees out our windows change to fire tinted hues.

I don't have that view anymore... bummer.

We did spend the first weekend down in Medford visiting the Meier family farm.... it is like a petting zoo. We had a ton of fun, the kids now say often.... "I wish we had a zoo."
he hee he


Their Giant said...

Ollie looks so big in that picture! I want a zoo too.

Their Giant said...

but, maybe not...since I don't even like my own dog.