Wednesday, November 19, 2008

drama for your mama

We have being dealing with our fair share of stress at the raetz house.

My Mom and her partner of the last 8 years are splitting. Quite a shock for us, and my Mom.

Michael, aka Papa Mike, is up and moving to the Philippines. Leaving my mom in a home she can't afford, not to mention a very sad heart.

He has given us reasons, all factual, and business like. All pretty much relating to money and how cheaply he can live overseas. It is sad really, nothing has been off in their partnership, just a man choosing money over loved ones. Sadly, my mom told me, "it is not that Michael doesn't love me, he doesn't love me enough." How sad is that.

So now all these suppressed emotions from when my parents divorced and my dad died are rearing there ugly head. My ground seems unstable and I feel like my net is gone. I know I am an adult now, I have my Husband and my own little family. But it definitely shakes a gal up.
It is hard to not be angry. My mom is dealing fine, I mean as fine as when your future suddenly becomes uncertain. One thing my mom does know how to do is pick herself up and dust herself off. It sucks cause he isn't leaving for a couple of months, so it is business as usual with them. It is going to make for a very uncomfortable holiday season.