Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chopped.. .

I really love cooking.... I also love watching cooking shows, me and the foodNetwork are tight. One of my fav shows is Chopped. I think every person who makes home cooked meals allot has experience cooking chopped style. In the show three chefs get a mystery basket full of ingredients and have to cook three courses with the ingredients provided. Which is pretty much the same as digging through your cupboards, trying to create a meal without having to go to the grocery store....
My Chopped meal was..... hmmmmm Gross isn't exactly the right word... Ollie ate two helpings. I pondered calling B on his way home from work with a warning, and a save yourself message. But than I looked at the huge Pot of the Glop I had made, and couldn't stand to throw it all out, so I figured B would just have to suffer like the rest of us...

Just in case you want the "recipe"... here it is.
1/2 pound bacon chopped
1 Onion chopped
2 red potatoes finely chopped
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 package chopped spinach
4 oz cream cheese
2 packages organic annies mac and cheese
1 cup shredded misc cheese
Start by slicing a random half pound of bacon leftover from breakfast over the weekend... start rendering the fat and crisping.
drain fat, and add a chopped onion. Than decide that your husband will eat anything with potato in it, so add two very finely chopped red potatoes. Open a bottle of Wine, and pour yourself a glass.

Decide to be fancy and deglaze your pan with the wine you are drinking... take another drink for yourself.

hunt through the cupboard to find something to go with this. Decide the pasta dish Giada made on her cooking show looked good, so go the pasta and cheesey route. Only pasta you have is Annies organic Mac and Cheese, take another drink of wine, and think... Ya that will work.

Get water boiling for the pasta... decide this "meal" needs a veggie, throw in a bunch of chopped spinach.... and like Giada's recipe a half cube of cream cheese...

drain the pasta and prepare the packaged cheese sauce...

add the pasta and the cheese sauce to the bacon, potato, onion, spinach hash stuff.... take another drink of wine... and than throw in some grated cheese, because melted cheese fixes anything... right...
sit back and take a look at your creation... hmmmmm maybe I should have paid more attention to my cooking than my glass of wine.