Wednesday, January 20, 2010

rainy dayz...

We have been hitting up the indoor play park at the local community center. It is awesome to be able to take a 5 minute walk and let the boys run all their pent up wiggles out. Plus, I ran into my old boss from Coffee Bean who is also now a stay at home mom... It is great having a play date for the boys and me!
We are heading into the winter lull waiting in anticipation for Spring... the rain seems to be never ending. Which I don't mind so much, but it does kind of ware on you. I just keep reminding myself that the rain is what makes it so beautiful and green here, that helps... a little.
I picked up some cheap umbrellas at Ikea last week... The boys were super stoked, I had checked at freddys, but didn't want to shell out 15 bucks a piece...

I guess I should have known Max would need a heartier umbrella, this is how his cheap umbrella looked by the time we made it to the community center... seriously only a 5 minute walk.

So guess who had to give up her umbrella for the walk home. The boys stayed nice and dry, I was soaked.