Saturday, February 13, 2010

made II... excel love.... Big News.. and a confession

I mentioned these paper elephants from howaboutorange on one of my last posts.

This morning Max and I made one. We did this one on 24lb paper, I think I might do the next one on cardstock so the little men can handle him a little more without me cringing. Seriously can you be in love with a 3-D paper object, I just might be.

I took this pic last night as I was working again on burdy books. I have a love hate relationship with excel, in my previous professional life, I spent hours pouring over and creating spreadsheets. There is something comforting and disturbing about spreadsheets. Anyway I glanced at the kitchen that was clean before I made dinner, why do I have to spread all over the one counter we have, it isn't a huge mess, I just need to learn how to put things away as I go... I am so irritating...

And the BIG NEWS.

Like flipping a switch, Max decided yesterday he was potty trained. He took his diaper off in the morning, He climbed on the potty when he had to go, and He yelled for me when he was done pooping and needed help wiping. We have tried 3 times to do the potty training thing... THREE times... we tried rewards... fail... we tried bribing... fail... we tried forcing it every 20 minutes... fail....

But like what i had read, but didn't really believe, when they are ready... they are ready. Max decided when he was ready, and like no big thing, He is now Potty trained... already pooped on the toilet today, all by himself, no marshmallow reward, no sticker, it's like he has been doing it every day his whole life... tear... my little man is so growin up.

and my little heart confession...

I am having urges for another baby. Maybe because the boys are growing so fast. Both boys were not planned, more of an oops. A couple of months ago I had my IUD out, and B and I decided we were not going to try to have a baby, but we weren't going to try not to either. Every time I feel bloated, or kind of sick I think I am pregnant. I am not. It is kind of sad looking at the prego tests, wanting it to say No, and say Yes at the same time. I am not to worried, but a little torn, do I really want to do the baby thing all over again? or are we really done. In the meantime people all around me seem to be popping out babies, so I guess I will just get my baby fix from them, and still get my full nights sleep.
This is little Mr. Emmet, only 7 lbs and 1 month old. So precious. Wendy Joy brought him over to share for the day yesterday. I got my baby cuddles in.


The Manlupig Mob said...

ahhh haha I love your kitchen shot! mine is just the same and my mom give me the same lecture you give yourself! haha. she always says, 'sarah, the garbage can is only a foot away!!" lol