Friday, February 12, 2010


I am notorious for starting projects, while I usually have a few projects already going on. Than I get irritated that I have a couple million half finished projects, and nothing complete to show for all my craziness.
all my own doing of course!

So the other night I was working on burdy books for 2009, (last year I vowed to keep great books, and total everything every month... Ya right, I spent the evening running over the last years bank and credit card statements... oops) I started our taxes, was working on burdy spring orders, and started cutting out some really cool paper elephant projects I saw over at
As if that wasn't enough, earlier in the day instead of working on burdy stuff (like I should have been on B's day off), I made B and the boys help me start on the sock monkey kits aunt jo got the boys for Christmas.

It is a good thing I am craft inclined, cause these were actually kind of hard. B helped Ollie stuff his monkey, and I was helping Max. I think Ollie and B got a little over zealous. They ended up making a plus sized monkey, I had to perform some lipo and a cellulite treatment to get the poor thing to a more appropriate size... the poor striped sock was being stretched to it's limit.

The boys love them, even though on the monkeys first morning of play I had to perform two emergency surgeries to fix busted seams... poor little monkeys.


Tiffany said...

The sock monkeys are adorable! Hopefully you don't have too big of a headache from doing taxes.

The Manlupig Mob said...

soo stinkin' cute!!
sorry for the comment posting rampage.. I totally haven't gotten on blogger for weeks now.. :)