Thursday, July 12, 2007

making ice cream...yumm

About two weeks ago, me and the boys took a trip to the farmers market and bought some yummy strawberries. It was also the week we had 100 plus weather, so we decided as a family treat we would make homemade strawberry ice cream. I love cooking with my two year old, it is fun to see him learning, and having fun. Even though he is two, so throwing fits is a part of the process also..

When we cook together, he either brings a chair into the kitchen, or I bring everything down to his level. For Ice cream making, I pulled in his little desk and set up all the ingredients and than got to mixin and measuring. It was fun, but very tiring, trying to keep the right ingredients in and trying to keep little hands from adding extras.

Here he is measuring and mixin... and tasting

I had to put the baby gate up once we got the mixture into the ice cream machine. Ollie had a slight hard time grasping the concept that he was not able to eat the ice cream in liquid form. A throwing himself on the floor crying fit pursued the putting up of the baby gate. He also with all his might was trying to climb over the baby gate. We are working on patience in this house.

The finished ice cream was a perfect treat for the hot weather. I did cut the sugar in the recipe in half, and used lower fat milk with the cream, I thought it was great, the first thing B said when he tried it, "is there sugar in it?" That boy.... he is lucky I still cook for him, not that he does not enjoy my healthier alternatives to things, but he does always make comments.