Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meier Family Vacation..

We just spent a week in Black Butte with the family it was such a great week, I did'nt want to come home, and realized I could probably live in a commune with no problem.

Ollie loves the outdoors, he spends alot of his days in our backyard so to be up in the mountains, with so much to explore he was stoked. He spent alot of time throwin rocks.. He kept takin off on his own to just pick up sticks and throw things and sit in the dirt.. that boy is 100% boy.. through and through..

Becki planned our meals and did a great job juggling everyones dietary needs. Becki and Nick are Vegan so every meal had a vegan option, it was great to see everyone exposed to vegan/vegetarian cooking. The best was jeff meier wrapping his roastbeef in veggie slices and saying this cheese is pretty good... I think he missed the point. We also discovered some great veggie burgers that taste like egg foo young, I will let you all know when i have chinese night...

Annie is really getting into Yoga and lead some great classes for us. I hope she eventually ends up teaching because she is a great teacher, and it was awesome to see how stoked she was on Yoga. I am bummed though I did'nt get any good pics. Brian took a bunch of my ass in the air with ollie trying to walk under me like a bridge, but I thought I would save you all from that... haaa... In th pic you can see ollie joining in on our yoga.

We spent one of our days at the fish hatchery by Camp Sherman I think .. we saw a ton of fish and Ollie had a blast throwing pellets of food and watching the fish jump to get it. The fish were pretty strong and would end up splashing you with there tail which was fun to watch the kids get splashed. There was also a black lab that was following us around and kept jumping into the lake trying to chase the fish, Ollie thought that was pretty funny too..

I did'nt get any pics, I left my camera in the car. One day we headed out to find a lake that supposedly had a ton of frogs. After a very bumpy ride on a gravel road we made it to the lake. Parked our cars and realized we parked very close to a mesquito nest or something becuase we all got attacked. Luckily rachel had bug spray, and we were all quickly coated in protection. We found one dead frog, but the highlight was a steep, sandy, bank that still had snow on it. The fun part of the trip around the lake was sliding on our butts down the snow bank. Gavin was awesome and was able to slide down on his feet. It was a ton of fun...

We did alot of hikin around, it was so much fun. I learned alot on vacation this week. That I can allow my kids to fall asleep when they are tired, rather than stickin to a nap schedule. I learned to appreciate my family for all the individuals they are, and be thankful that I come from a big family and am sorrounded by so many great people that share my blood. It is great that as adults we can get together with our families and spend a whole week together, and still have fun, and like eachother at the end of the week.