Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday at the Beach

I love the beach, and so do my boys. Changing sandy diapers for a week is always a joy. This was maxes first time at the beach that he could actually get down and play in the sand, all other visits were either in my belly, or safely perched in the sling while Ollie ran around. Max had a blast, and I must say I did pretty good at not freakin out. I guess when you get to the second child you are not as paranoid as you were with the first child, you realize a little sand will not kill the baby, and that it brushes off, and when you leave and they are covered from head to toe, they had a great time, and a bath fixes everything.

Aunt jo is our fun times weeked companion, I am going to be so sad when she moves away to school, but super stoked for her... and stoked that weekend visits to seattle will be happening often...

I love the beach.... I think I could live there