Wednesday, June 25, 2008

it's a bust...

I, personally, love this dress.... I love the fishes, I love the water, I love the stitching and I love how it wraps on the hip and waist. I seem to be alone in this. Well, except for my friends, but they have to say they like it!

It is the least viewed dress on my etsy shop, and no-one has added it as a favorite item, which almost all the dresses are hearted! It is probably the photos, but the dress is hard to photograph to get the whole idea represented, Oh well... .. .. the rest of the world just has'nt caught on to my goldfish craze!

*I also took it to one of my shops, they think the fish has a weird look on its face, and is in a weird position, it's a goldfish they look weird and swim around come on!