Wednesday, June 11, 2008

trip to cali, last month....

Here are some pics from our quick cali trip last month when B's mom got put in the hospital.

B flew down and I drove down a couple days later with the boys. I was really nervous about making the trip with two little men by myself, but it was not really that bad. We were out of the house by 6:30am... stopped in Medford for lunch with Jeff and Shannon and the kids... was back on the road by 3:30 and made it to Modesto around 10:30pm... the boys did awesome. I made them little snack bags, packed a bunch of books and lap type toys and than prayed!
Even though we were only there for 2 days we made the most of our time, we visited with barb in the hospital. Visited with Emily and Olive, Dylan and Tiffany, swam a bunch, soaked up the hot sun... Got Barb out of the hospital, stoked her fridge with easy to make food, helped her wash her poor hospital hair.... visited some more and than hit the road.
We had to stop at In 'n' Out.... I do miss a good animal style burger every once in awhile.

We stopped at Shasta for a quick dinner break and to let the boys run off some energy... it was really fun... I think we might plan to stay a couple nights at shasta next time we head down that way.

It was a quick trip... would have been better if the circumstancew were better hopefully next time Nana barb will be allll better.....we are heading down again at the end of the month... and really looking forward to it!