Thursday, August 14, 2008

freakin AT&T

my phone is not working!

don't they now as a stay-at-home mom, that is one of my only links to the outside world!

I guess a tower is out and has been out since 8 this morning... don't you think they could let us know this (maybe on there website, that I spent the whole morning looking for a freakin contact number, or send me an e-mail you send me enough spam). I had to load the kids into the car and lug them down to the AT&T store, because I thought it had something to do with recently upgrading my phone. There was group of people outside the store and more just kept driving up as we were leaving, a poor employee was standing outside telling everyone over, and over..."No it isn't your phone, a tower is down, sorry for the inconvenience." I packed the kids back up and went and got a coffee!

I recently ordered a new phone online, it was time for our upgrade and really, I am not much of a gadget person. All I need in a phone is that it calls people, allows me to text, and takes a pic every once and awhile to send to the grandmas. I don't NEED anything other than that.

So me being the miss-know-it-all that I am, made a quick decision and ordered up the first phone that looked okay and did the things I needed it too. It was a Nokia. I made fun of B as he has spent the last couple of days researching phones, looking at other peoples, and wanting to go into the store and look at them in person... Yes, I made fun of him, told him he was being ridiculous, it is just a phone.

Well I got mine in the mail and hate it! yes, Hate It! it is shiny black and uncomfortable to hold. so now who is the jackass, whining about her new stupid phone... yes that is me!

so now I have to eat my words, I could have gone in this morning and looked around and maybe exchanged it. But the large group of unhappy customers and my two little men running around sucked all my energy right out of me. Maybe tomorrow?

totally unrelated photo's.....

also unrelated to my AT&T saga, I am sitting at the computer watching ollie dig in the dirt in the backyard, seems his pants and undies were in the way. So now all I see is a little white, white, bare butt sticking up in the air... funny boys.