Wednesday, August 20, 2008

we heart the beach (rain or shine)

I love the beach. I will never be able to live somewhere that is not within driving distance to the ocean. I spent a season in Denver and actually felt land locked. I remember driving out to some lakes with friends, but they were murky and the "beach" of the lakes were all filled with goose poop. I need live by very large bodies of water!

We rented a yurt in southbeach, it was so fun, even if we had a huge thunder and lightning storm. Even if my fun morning plans were ruined by down pours. Some how the rain just does not ruin my time at the beach. I was not exactly prepared for as much rain as we had, but we made it work!

Mo's is one of my fondest memories from growing up. Being from a big family, we didn't go on big trips, but we almost always spent a week a year at the beach. The big dinner out was always gallucias pizza in lincoln city, and Mo's chowder house. I remember getting a couple of big family style buckets of clam chowder, and we paired up in two's and shared a shrimp salad. It was always so much fun. I want my boys to have the same memories! Because of the rain, we ended up at mo's for lunch both days. I didn't mind at all.

I was really stoked to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium, amazingly I don't think I have been to the one in Newport. It was fun, Ollie is obsessed with sharks and fish so the trip was mostly for him. He liked it, but was not as impressed with the "passages to the deep" exhibit as I thought he would be, I could have spent all day in the glass tunnels. Oh well.

So the rain changed our plans slightly. The rain did let up enough to allow us to have a campfire and roast dogs and mallows, play on the beach, enjoy the rolling sound of the ocean waves, collect shells, explore the rocks, and fly kites.

We are already planning our next trip for mid-October. There is a campground with yurts closer to P-town. So I think we will try that next.

Oh and Aunt Jo is back in P-town for the year...Yeah.....