Thursday, May 21, 2009

in a funk...

Why am I in a funk?

It is driving me nuts. Today I can't seem to snap out of it. I worked all morning in the garden, didn't realize until noon that I hadn't fed the boys breakfast. It was okay though, we were all out playing in the dirt, so no one seemed to notice. I got all my plants in the ground, which is awesome, I got the unruly raspberry bush all tied up, and somewhat under control. I even transplanted strawberries to make more of an aesthetically pleasing patch, I am going to add a nice rock border around it.
The yard is starting to make me happier. But I still miss our old yard terribly. I miss my old house. I hate Vancouver, and I don't particularly like this house. I do LOVE the dishwasher. but more space in a house, means more space to have to clean up. Since we consolidated two houses into one there is way more stuff than there is a logical place for stuff. I seem to do bi-weekly visits to goodwill and still don't have my workplace set up.
I had a big order due this week for Presents of mind, I got it done, but man oh man, you should have seen the house, for 3 days straight it looked like a bomb went off in the play room and dining room. At the old house I had the whole basement as my work space. I miss it.

My rep wants me to add another rep out of the Dallas area... hmm. I don't know if I am ready for that... it sucks that you have to spend money to make money... oh did I mention we don't really have the money to spend and make back.... story of my life, stealing from peter to pay paul, at least the power is still on, maybe they won't notice I didn't pay them last month... oops.

July is also buggin me to add a dress to the spring 2010 line. I am meeting with a seamstress on Monday. I am kind of excited, but stressed about it.

A shop in Multnomah village just picked up my women's stuff, she wants dresses with sleeves, an older clientele, Great, let's add it to the list... I think maybe I am spreading myself too thin.... Oh and did I mention my mom had surgery on her leg, guess what I have been, nurse maid katie to my mom for two and a half weeks, plus trying to get orders out, and trying to keep two little men entertained and happy...
Maybe that is why I want to pull my hair out.

Okay my poor me session is done.. I feel a little better.

The boys found their Halloween costumes in the garage. It is now the favorite outfits of the day. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a monkey and chicken running around the garden...


Tiffany said...

I would soooo be in a funk if I had all that stuff going on! You are correct, you are spreading yourself too thin. But, sometimes that's the way it is! You'll be ok. Take a deep breath and just keep on keepin' on. OK, I'll shut up now =)