Thursday, May 21, 2009


Max is in the every little boo boo needs a band aid phase. The other morning he did something to his lip and his thumb, there was no blood. But he wouldn't stop fussing till it was covered with the magic that is a band aid. So I pulled them out, who wants to listen to crying first thing in the morning. I band aided him up. Right over the lips...
Max is such a bright little guy. He has amazing speech for his age and impresses me daily, this was the kid that was walking at 9 months, he always seems so much older than he is to me. He has the funniest little personality that just makes me want to snuggle him up, I can't get enough of him.
he is our smiley eyed boy, when he smiles you can see it in his eyes, they turn into a crescent moon shape. It makes my heart melt every time. The other day we went to the nursery to get our veggie starts, the woman asked if both boys were mine, and than commented that one of them had my eyes, poor max, forever he will be the one who didn't get my green eyes. But his are so much better. Big, brown and smiley... who can resist that charmer.


Their Giant said...

I love your boys. They're hilarious.

Hope you're feeling a little better and had a fun weekend!