Wednesday, September 16, 2009


last night I had a glimpse into our future.
It was one of those feelings you want to freeze, or bottle and hold onto. We made breakfast for dinner, because for some reason I was on a Mexican food kick grocery shopping and just couldn't cook Mexican food for the third night in a row.... eggs and pancakes are always on hand and super easy....

The boys were sitting at the bar in the kitchen while B and I were cooking, they were fighting over a discarded graham cracker box I had found floating around the pantry empty. Ollie was pretending it was a hat, which only made Max want one to. So I cut it in half (not the first time I cut something they were fighting over in half, did I ever tell you about the blanket saga?) They weren't really big enough to actually fit on their heads like hats, so I cut them and extended them with the skills I remember from preschool..... measure your head..staple..staple... instant hat.

We than made them into crowns, Ollie wanted to be the king, Max wanted to be the princess..... haaaaaa, we don't assign gender roles, we just roll with it here.
Anyway Max wore his crown all through dinner. He kept us giggling by trying not to use his fork to eat his pancakes. Weird kid.

Ollie is super into racing lately and winning (competitive little sucker, we are working on good sportsmanship, he gets downright grumpy if max or I beat him at Candyland). He challenged Max to a pancake eating contest.
My two little men sat side by side and gobbled down pancakes, a glimpse into the future.... this will be my table for many years watching my two growing boys, racing each other, and heckling each other trying to shove the food down the fastest....
oh what did I get myself into.


Tiffany said...

I love doing breakfast for dinner! Looks like fun times :)