Thursday, September 24, 2009

how did i not know about this?

Last weekend I did a fundraising event for the Rose City Rollers, Portland's local roller derby team. It was super fun, and I can't wait to take the boys to see the roller derby meets.

A couple of weeks ago we went rollerskating for Chloe's birthday, I was getting all cocky on my skates, I was starting to brainstorm my own derby team. Than I fell on my butt. I am still healing my poor tail bone! My derby dreams are out the window, cause that flippin hurt.

The event took place at Oaks bottom park, which I have walked by many times on the spring creek corridor, but never really gave much thought too. Well that place is pretty cool, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings they open for pre-schoolers only. They only have pre-school rides open, do a storytime and give the kids milk and cookies. We found out about it just at the end of the season. Next week is the last week for the summer, but after that they take it inside and do a pre-school skate at the skating rink, which will be pretty awesome too! Can't wait for rainy days at the skating rink...