Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the jury is still out...

On my homemade granola bars. I needed something to grab in the mornings that was quick, easy and healthy. I looked through a bunch of recipes and decided to give this one a try, I was stoked because it is basically a raw food. Well the buckwheat has to get cooked, so that throws out my raw food statement but whatever....

I had never cooked buckwheat, and I think I overcooked it. I had to add an extra 1.5 cups of oats and they still didn't dehydrate quite right, so I packaged them individually in wax paper and threw them in the freezer. I think they are awesome, Max thinks they are the bees knees, Ollie gets really excited to have one and than leaves most of it on his plate... Brian just rolls his eyes when I offer him one, but he will cross over to my raw food, natural sugar dark side ... he just doesn't know it yet....(I even added carob chips to half of them to entice B, it didn't work)So the jury may be out on my granola bars.... but a couple weeks ago, when our weather was teetering on fall like for 3 days, I made curried lamb pasties (Australian meat pies... pronounced pahhhsties.... not paaasties (those are the weird stickers woman sometimes use on their ladies... who thought of that, and who really needs them?))
I must say this will for sure be a fall and winter staple in this house! If you have never cooked with lamb before you should! I was really scared of it at first..... I have had some really gamey tasting gross lamb... but the key is to drain as much of the fat as possible, most of the gamey taste is held in the fat, at least that is my theory and I am sticking to it.
My family loved these and gobbled them up, the boys loved having their own little individual pies, and our table looked pretty fancy too.

I can't wait for fall. Pumpkins, soup, stews and warm drinks.