Friday, August 17, 2007

Ollie the underwear model, and his max smile...

So we are'nt really trying to potty train yet, we are just easing into it. Ollie has been giving us some signs that he is ready, so we are just kinda going with it. No pressure though, I thought I was'nt really going to even try till he was closer to three.

We had to switch to pull-ups cause the darn kids new trick was taking off his diaper, which he loves to do in his bed. We had a couple of nights being woken up by him, in a sopping wet bed, fun to deal with in the middle of the night. And always the lovely surprise when he comes out in the morning with his diaper in one hand and a naked butt... Needless to say we switched to pull-ups. He knows how to pull them up and down, but has'nt taken them off in bed yet, I am hoping that is a trick he won't learn.

We were at the store buying t-shirts, and I just could'nt pass up the little briefs... they are seriously sooo freakin cute... and I am not a big fan of character stuff, we are pretty plain at this house.... but the toy story, buzz lightyear undies I could not pass up... not to mention toy story 1 and 2 play often on our t.v.....
This is the smile Ollie gives only to max... I don't know if it is becuase Max has his mouth open alot, but everytime ollie smiles at max, he squints up his eye's and opens his mouth... it is pretty cute, and pretty special to have a smile that is only for your little brother..