Monday, August 6, 2007

Ollie's Bedtime routine

Ollie is a great routine kid... at night he takes his bath. He is so much better at getting his hair washed. I wet his hair and suds it up and than hand him a hand held mirror and we make some pretty cool hair styles. It makes the washing the hair thing more like a game.

When he gets out we dry him off and let him brush his hair, he really enjoys looking at himself in the mirror and making funny faces.

Than we brush the teeth. He is good with this sometimes, sometimes not so much. We have been reading alot of books that include brushing the teeth, and singing raffi...... " when you wake up in the morning it' a quarter for 5, and you just can't wait to come alive, you brush your teeth...chee cheee chee chee cheee cheee...." haaaaa I am also excellent at a head lock and not shy about prying his mouth open to get to those little pearly whites... so most of the time he realizes struggling is worse, just let mom do her thing...