Friday, February 8, 2008

my crazy monkeys...

last night at around 5:30pm....the countdown to when daddy gets home. I was sitting in a chair, trying to read a lame parenting magazine (i don't know why I subscribe to those things) and I had two little monkeys climbing up the chair on either side of me. Climbing behind me, around my head, biting my arms, messing with my hair, basically they were thouroughly annoyed that I was reading a magazine.

I hear myself saying constantly "I am not a jungle gym." I remember these words spoken by my own mother quite a few times.

last night I snapped, shook both kids off (not literally), with an uncontrolled yelp, and sent them to sit with their hands in their lap on the couch.

I looked at their sad little faces...:(

and ollie said to me... "alittle scary momma"

um.... can you say guilt consumed me.

I took a breather, and than we solved our problem, we built a jungle gym in the living room.
My boys have so much energy, we are constanly playing, chasing, running around outside in our boots and jackets. Taking nature walks.... but it is not enough, daily around the same time of day, I am at my limit... and it is usually right before B gets home. Maybe it is just the knowledge that soon I will have another set of hands...and a minute to pee by myself, with the door closed....