Tuesday, February 12, 2008

yuck, morning.. .. .

there are some mornings when I would just rather climb back in bed.

This morning was one of those lovelies. Max got me out of bed at 6:45am.... than ollie was up around 7:15.. so the day started. The boys were actually mellow this morning and chillin in the chair together while I was making breakfast. This very rarely happens. We have days when max can't even look at ollie, without ollie bursting into a fit. I did'nt think that would start for a couple of years, but I was wrong.. . I find myself saying often, "Ollie, Max can look at you, he is'nt hurting you by looking at you."

After breakfast I was getting myself and Ollie dressed, went to grab Max and walked into this lovely mess.

We than ran to the post office to mail off some packages, the boys hate the post office. I do to! Everyone in there is old, and my kids never want to behave. I end up having to make a crying Ollie sit at my feet in time out. He just wants to touch everything, with old crotchety people giving us the evil eye. It is probably just the milwaukie post office... it is super tiny... maybe I should drive 3 minutes over to sellwood, maybe I would'nt feel like such an eye sore with my two little men squirming around me, while trying to address a bunch of packages.

After the post office incident I did'nt want to go home. I drove around my block a couple of times contemplating my options. I was tired, had really messy hair, no make-up on, and no money to really waste. So we went home. I made coffee, and am feeling much better... ... well alittle better, at least one of the babes are down for a nap.