Monday, February 25, 2008

My DIY kitchen and messy kids...

So my kitchen is pretty small, a house built in the 1920's is much different from a house built more recently. I do like my kitchen, even though the cabinets are really low, i have minimal counter space, and no dishwasher.

To fix the problem of minimal counter space, I moved a shelf into the space that previously housed a cart with a microwave on it. I than moved the cart out in front of the shelf it has a cutting board top and wheels so I can manuever it around the kitchen. I love this arrangement much better. The microwave is hidin, and the bowls, and blender are now stored on the bottom shelves which are so much easier to get too.

On Valentines day me and the kids made a yummy chocolate cake, it is called a "kenya cake" the woman who made the recipe got it while she was in the peace corp in kenya. Originally I guess it was cooked in a pot over open fire... It is the best freakin chocolate cake, and so easy. I will post the recipe when I get a chance. Anyway the boys helped and oh what a mess we made. The boys than were stripped down to the diapers and as I cleaned up my dining room, they cleaned up themselves, the dishes and eachother.