Wednesday, August 27, 2008

as a mom...

As a mom I know all the words to the silly little songs they sing at library hour, and have them humming through my head all day long.

As a mom I have wiped way to many butts than I would care to, if I had a choice.

As a mom I have rocked my babies while covered in there throw-up and not cared, to much.

As a mom I have gotten down and dirty in pudding finger painting with my kids.

As a mom I have recieved an infinite amount of kisses and hugs.

As a mom I have become a healer with just a kiss.

As a mom I have become a referee in a never ending game of full contact football.

As a mom I have stood outside the bathroom door and prayed that Jesus would help my little guy poop, so we could finally make it over our potty training hurdle. and it worked.

As a mom I got to sleep in till almost 9 am this morning cuddled up to my two favorite little men.
I guess I would'nt trade my job for another right now... ..


Texas Becki said...

That just made me teary eyed! you are an amazing Mom and sister, I love you!