Wednesday, September 10, 2008

camping out...

We love the summer concert series. We pack up picnics all summer long and head to as many different parks as we can to enjoy music, people watching, and movies in the park. It is one of the things I love about living in portland, on any night it seems like there is something family friendly going on somewhere. This year we joined Kruger farms for their end of the summer family camp-out. It was so much fun. We ate really yummy BBQ and ran around the farm with bare feet. We took a hayride, set up a tent in the field, listened to fun music and cuddled up with big blankets and pillows and watched wallace and gromits the curse of the ware rabbit.
It was really a great night. I don't think I slept much though. It was kind of chilly, and I decided not to bring the air mattress.... that sucked. The roosters started crowing at 4 in the morning, which did not help the sleeping situation. Once the sun came up we hopped out of bed and walked around the farm in our jammies. We visited the pigs and the chickens and checked out the pumpkin patch. Finally found coffee at about 7 and than had a big blueberry pancake breakfast. We also test drove every tractor the boys could climb up on.