Thursday, September 25, 2008

seventh generation

seriously... I suck at cloth diapering. I tried. I got the cute outer pants from Milagros... I got the awesome organic cloth inserts.... I got Gdiapers, I used cloth inserts in the G's... I used the G liners...
what happened...

I touched way more poop than I wanted to. I know, I know, I am a mom, I know poop is part of the job, but come on.

Not to mention the extra loads of laundry, and the multiple flushes it takes to get everything down. I know for the environment, cloth is the best option, and I do feel guilty. but I have to find a balance in my life to keep my sanity.... I would have put up with all of it, it was not that difficult, and the G's are cute, But Max spent the week with a horrible diaper rash, and broke out in a rash over his whole body, the only thing we changed was the diaps. So we stopped with the cloth, and the diaper rash is gone, but he still has an odd rash on his legs.

The reason why we tried to make the switch.
When Ollie got potty trained I became acutely aware of how much we actually spent on diapers, before it was just a necessity with two in diapers, I think I just blocked the cost out, but now... 11.99 every 3-4 days. that is a lot of b's hard earned money on poop catchers. I love the 7th generation diapers and have used them on max pretty much since he was born.
But they are spendy...
and it is so nice not having to buy diapers...
so I tried cloth... and it sucked.
I am sure this is not our last attempt, we might visit the doc if the rash does'nt clear up this week, maybe it was something else, and we can revisit the cloth.

All this to share a coupon and sale with you... this week at Fred Meyers 7th generation diapers are on sale for 40 percent off... which makes them 7.67. sweet!
And if you sign up at you can get 2 coupons for 2 dollars off a pack... making the diaps 5.67 a pack... super sweet!
Also the laundry and cleaners are on sale too, plus you can get coupons on the website.
now that is something I can get behind... we are stocking up in this house...
.....must be Gods divine intervention to keep me sane for the time being, he does'nt like me touching that much poo either....haaaaaa