Saturday, September 27, 2008

much needed mini-vacation...

B and I got to take a quick night away from our lives as responsible adults, and headed out to edgefield, kind of on a mission to get a little tipsy, well I was on a mission. oh, and to celebrate our anniversary.

since becoming a mom, all the pregnancies and breastfeeding, my time spent a little tipsy has dwindled significantly. So what I wanted for my anniversary was to not be so responsible. It didn't really work. It was still fun though.

We ate great food at Bombay Cricket Club, hung out in the new super swanky soaking pool, rocked on the porch like old people, watched a goth dance party in a tiny bar (and made fun of them), and ate greasy food at 1am after getting a little tipsy.

I tried with all my might to sleep in, but was wide awake around 7:30am... that sucked. But at least I wasn't wide awake changing diapers, and being a short order breakfast cook and sippy cup refiller to two demanding little boys.

It was a great night to remember eachother before all this happened, we actually had conversations that did not involve whats for dinner, and how many poopy diapers I changed that day.

One thing we did learn about eachother, we both don't like greeting cards. I mean we like them, but we always bought them for eachother because we thought the other one expected it. funny.... down with the greeting card.